Creating "New Actions" while in a perspective

I have a common perspective that I use that basically looks at actions that are available to me to do today - my “To Do Dashboard.” It’s a screen I operate in the most.

Is it right that in the current beta, I can’t do Command+N while viewing a perspective to create a new task? That’s the way it seems to me now, and Command+N (or clicking New Action) does nothing when I’m in my perspective. To add new tasks, I need to go to the Inbox.

I’ve searched around for notes about this, whether it is an intended behavior, or a fix is coming, etc., but I haven’t found much.

Would love to know if others are experiencing the same thing.

Yes, I have seen the same behavior. I have noticed that if I have an existing task in a perspective then I can add a task using Command +N.

FWIW, I find this happens only in a Context perspective with no other actions already in that context. If there is at least one other action in that Context, then Common+N works.

In Projects perspectives, Command+N always works for me whether the Project is empty or not.

I have found that not to be the case. Right now, my “To Do Dashboard” context has a number of tasks in the list, but hitting Command+N has no effect, and does not allow me to enter a new task. This is in contrast to what both @gcarnold and @rogbar say above.

In case it helps people figure out what they’re seeing, we have an issue filed where command-n works in the top level of the context tree, but not in the ones lower down.

Example: if you have an “Errands” context with a number of child contexts representing various stores, the shortcut will work in the former but not in the latter. Basically, if a context is filed inside another one, command-n doesn’t work as expected right now.

Hey Brian, I have a problem where if I’m in the Contexts view, and I’m in a context that has no existing tasks, and I hit command-N or right-click to “New Action” it doesn’t work. Not quite what I see you describing above.

Yeah, since that post went up, we/I realized that the first report was of a sub context not working, but the issue’s actually broader than that. Issue filed and updated in the bug tracker, but I never made it back around to this thread. Thanks for clarifying in your post!

Has this been fixed, or is there a work around?
It is a problem for me.
I’m using OmniFocus/2.0.4/GM-v87.19

It has not been fixed for me in 2.0.4.

As a work around, I use the Quick Entry Shortcut (which I set in Preferences) to add new tasks when I am in a perspective view that will not allow me to add a new task by using Cmd+N.

Thanks Jake. That worked in a fashion. I found that I still needed to enter the project name.
Going into the preferences started me looking at other settings.

I found that selection the option

Perspectives -> Show Perspectives -> Your perspective name -> Project Hierarchy -> Use Project Hierarchy

changes the left hand panel to only show the project (and its subproject) you are working in, but CMD+N works, and the New Action button works.