Creating Perspective with Exclusions

I can possibly use some suggestions here.

I use a hybrid project management system with OmniFocus and the Full Focus Planner. I manage all of my projects with OF2 for Mac, OF3 for iOS, and I use the FFP for my daily planning needs.

I’ve created templates within OF for all of my routine projects, and I’d like the ability to include a tag of “FFP” when I map out when I’m going to do the actions in my hybrid planner. Thus, I’d love to create a perspective that shows me everything NOT tagged with FFP so I’ll know what needs to be worked on.

I saw another topic where search terms were inclusive only. Has anyone else did something like this? Any suggestions or ideas of how I can approach this process?

Looking forward to your ideas!

P.S. I can’t wait until OF3 for Mac releases. I hate having the tags on my phone but not being able to manage everything from the desktop!!!

Tag selection is inclusive, but you can put that rule into a None of the following group to make it exclusive. Like this:

*But make sure that the Tagged with any of: rule is indented under the None… section. You can tap and hold to drag rules inside of others.

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Be sure to double check the nesting. Sometimes a rule that is not nested or indented in the wrong level can throw the entire perspective off.

That’s exactly what I needed. I can’t believe I couldn’t think of that!