Creating task from text files


Is there a simple way to create tasks in OF2 from a text file? What I want to do is to import projects from Todoist, which allows for export to text files with a formatting like this:

Task 1 [2018-11-14 01:23:49]
Task 2
Task 3 @deadline [2018-11-14 01:23:49]
Task 4 [2018-11-14 01:23:49]

The contexts and (recurring) dates are not needed to be added automatically, but it would of course be nice.


I just tried a regular copy (from text file) and paste (in OF inbox) and it created a new entry for each line of text - did you have something smarter in mind?

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I suspect he’d like OF to parse the text line, so Task 4, for example, gets auto-created with a repeating action at 15:45 every day.

Well, yes, I hoped for something smarter than what psidnell suggested. But I never tried a simple copy’n’paste which will do as a baseline. Thanks. :)

Hi Thoresson,

did you get an answer to your question? I have the same question too.


No. I did the move by hand.