Creating what appears to be a 3D 'stack' of 2D images?

I have five 2D images (unsupervised clustering heatmaps, as TIFFs). I would like to rotate/distort/organize these so that they appear to be floating as a 3D set of stacked images, one above the other, separated by say 10 to 20% of the 2D width of each graphic. This ‘stack’ would then become part of a larger collage. I’d expected to be able to do this by a 45 degree rotation, then squishing each 300 x 300 graphic into a horizontal diamond shape. The “Geometry” is set to “No Scaling”, but I’m unable to deform the square graphic into a diamond; it retains a square shape that gets smaller/larger as I try to deform it into a diamond. I expect there’s a simple way to do this, but don’t see it. Thanks for your help.

I don’t think that skew transforms have ever filtered to the top of the OmniGraffle request intray.

Sketch has one, if you are working essentially with a vector model, otherwise, perhaps one of the pixel editors (like Affinity Photo) here ?:


PS Inkscape is often a good (free and open-source) fallback for the corners that OmniGraffle doesn’t yet reach, and it does provide skewing.

( Object > Transform > Skew > % > Horizontal > Vertical )

Inkscape is essentially SVG-based, but now that SVG import / export is being strengthened in OmniGraffle, the two may interoperate quite well.

Worth experimenting, I think – this, for example, was:

  • skewed in Inkscape
  • exported from Inkscape as PNG
  • brought into OG 7 with File > Place Image

Then rotated and duplicated in OG


Thank you! I’ll try Inkscape. A colleague used Illustrator (CS5)'s “3D” “Effects” option.

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