Creative Use of Contexts?

Hi all,

After several different articles, I re-jigged the contexts I have and use. As a GTD user for many years, I realized that most of the contexts that made sense in 2005 (calls, email, web, computer, etc.) no longer make sense, since I always have all of those tools available in my pocket now.

As such, I adopted the following list:

Work Office (I usually work from home)

Yesterday, I felt so proud as I conquered something that was bugging me with a simple trick: following Leo Babauta’s practice of “Most Important Things”, I wanted a way of plunking my top few things to the top of my Today perspective (due+flagged). Presto: a context called “First”. It seems so silly and simple that I can’t believe I didn’t sort this out sooner.

My question to you all is what other neat or creative ways have you used contexts to group things? If I missed something that simple, I wonder what other ideas I haven’t even considered that I could maybe really benefit from.

Thanks all!


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I have a weakness for changing up my contexts, but this is what I am using now and it works fairly well. I worked hard to make each make sense to me, and start with a different letter (which I also noticed about yours, well done.)

hg (habits, goals, chores) (subdivided into other contexts, also different letters)
goalpareto - the most important things I can do towards a weekly goal
projpareto - the most important things I can do towards any other project
something - something I need to do at some point, the less important 80%
zombie - feeling tired or such, does not necessarily have to be done by a certain date
others - contact with other people phone, email, etc.
elsewhere - something I have to do outside of the office

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@Mjmottajr haha the unique letter thing was quite by accident, but sure is helpful!

Your priority-based contexts are intriguing. That’s definitely a different approach - I’d like to think about that. I like “zombie” in particular :)

Thanks for sharing that!