Crooked dashed circles

Not sure if it’s a subject for bug report, but does anyone else think the dashed line style for circles looks a bit crooked?

ugly-circle.graffle (1.9 KB)

This depends on your stroke settings in the inspector. Can you expand your stroke inspector and add a screen shot of the setting there? This is expected if you have the “Freehand” stroke style selected, which follows the circle less accurately on purpose. You might try the “Single” stroke if you want the dashes to follow the shape more closely.

It’s also weird for the default dashed stroke. The graffle I used is attached to first post

Using OmniGraffle 7.6 (v185.2 r302373)


I have seen this sort of thing when the Shape is not a circle … but of course one is trying to make a circle. Eg. when importing your graffle file into OG 5.4.4, that Shape comes up as a rectangle (yes!) with a corner radius of 15pt. If I change the Shape to a circle, the dashed line is perfect.

It might be that you have set the properties of the tool (eg. Shape Tool in this case), for what you required at some previous point in time. But you have set it as default for the Tool. So now when you grab the tool, it defaults to that which was set, which is different from what you expect.

  • Hold the tiny arrow on the Tool button to show the settings.
  • Set defaults for a Tool only when you really want to set the defaults, and not for each Shape that you draw.