Curtclifton template script modification

Hello Team,

I am using Curst’s script to manage the template and create a new project.
It works well, but I do need to modify it.
In his script, the new project is added to the project listing.
What I would like is to get the new project directly created or I should say duplicated in a subfolder Business / Prospects.

I have tried this, but it does not work. Please, can you help? It would be appreciated. Thank you
tell default document

set MyFolder to folder named “PROSPECTS” of folder “BUSINESS”

tell MyFolder

make new project with properties {name:duplicatedItem}

set MyFolder to first flattened project where its name is duplicatedItem

tell default document


move duplicatedItem to ( beginning of sections of ( first folder whose name is theFolder))

move duplicatedItem to folder named “PROSPECTS” of folder “BUSINESS”

end try

end tell