Custom colors for perspectives

The bright colors of OmniFocus’s built-in perspectives look great. Unfortunately, I use a half-dozen custom perspectives most of the time, and they are all a drab teal. I’d love to be able to assign a perspective a color that gets used for the menu text in place of the teal color.

Anybody else feel the same way? Vote by emailing and including this link.


I’ll send an e-mail and vote for that. I also have about 8 or so custom perspectives which I am using most of the time, but I make them a bit more distinct by using colored custom icons that I purchased online. It would be even nicer, though, for the perspective name text color to match the icon color.

Hi there,

Where can you get these icons? Are they specifically designed for OF?

I think there are a few out there, but I bought these:

You assign them to the perspectives on the Mac and then they sync down to iPad/iPhone. Here you can see my iPhone OF layout in regular and dark theme. The bottom six are all custom perspectives.

The icons are nice, but the end result is even uglier, in my opinion, because of the mismatched icon/text colors.

Thanks EGottlieb.