Custom Diagram Styles - How to load / create?

I’m trying to use the custom Diagram Style created by Konigi (, but it appears they were designed for an older version of OmniGraffle, as there is no longer a Diagram Styles directory in the OmniGraffle library (Mac).

I want to build a flow for my app, with a hierarchy of screens. I’d like each level in the hierarchy to have its own color. I assume a custom Diagram Style would be the way to do this, but I can’t figure out how to create my own or install someone else’s.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

It seems that the former diagram styles are now automatic layout templates, so if you go save the konigi diagram style as a template in the automatic layout folder then theoretically it should be available for you to use as you are expecting. I haven’t tested this though,let me know if it works.