Custom Groups of Contexts

I know you can build a hierarchy of contexts, I use it extensively, especially for groups of people on teams. But I’ve recently realized I have standing meetings with various groups of people attending. I’d love to create a custom Context Group that has the contexts of the participants so I can quickly see who I have available to me in that meeting, and if I have any tasks for them. Anyone find a creative way to do this? Basically I want @TeamA with sub-contexts of @PersonA-A, @PersonA-B, @PersonA-C. Then I want @TeamB with sub-contexts of @PersonB-A, @PersonB-B, @PersonB-C. Finally, I want a Context (or Context Group) called @MeetingA which includes @PersonA-A and @PersonB-C. Otherwise in every meeting I’m clicking through all the individual contexts of people on the meeting looking for tasks.

If you have OF2 pro, you could set up a custom perspective (perhaps called @TeamA). Settings should include:

  • Project hierarchy: Don’t use project hierarchy
  • Group action by: Context
  • Sidebar selection: appropriate contexts (@PersonA, @PersonB, etc.)

Hope that helps.

@teronel has an approach exactly like mine. I have two weekly meetings and four monthly meetings that each have their own perspectives based on the context hierarchies I established for those meeting. When I select the perspectives, I see the next actions for all my teams.

Perfect! Thank you!