Custom Line Styles

Is it possible / will it be possible to define line styles in the fashion many vector drawing apps allow (i.e., by defining dash-dot-dash-dot sizes)?

Hey @jstnhllmn

There is a little bit of control available in the Stroke Inspector right now! Here’s more information in our documentation:
Note that this is for the latest version of OmniGraffle for Mac, which is 6.1 and requires OS X Yosemite 10.10.

Are there more specific controls you’re looking for?

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Indeed — I am in need or more specific controls, like this:
That’s from iDraw.

@jstnhllmn Thanks for clarifying! I see you sent us an email and we’ve added your input to our development database! Thanks for sending that in!

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OG is great software for many applications but has been lacking this type of (basic ?) styling functionality for a long time. I have seen this specific functionality requested several times and have requested it myself as well. I hope these are not all single/unconnected line items in your ‘development database’.

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