Custom perspective: Due soon, Overdue, and Deferred (but not until the deferred date has passed))

I’m trying to do something that seems fairly simple to me, basically I’m trying to create a custom perspective that shows the following:

  • Due soon
  • Flagged
  • Not completed
  • Deferred (but only AFTER the defer date has been reached)
  • Overdue

The first three were easy. The second two… Not so much…

I have a repeating task, and if I check it off, it immediately reappears in my current custom perspective. This is the perspective setup I currently have:

* None:
** Availability: Completed
* Status: Due Soon
* Status: Flagged

If I defer something, it still shows up here, so I looked for something like “hasn’t reached deferred date,” but I’m not seeing anything.

Similarly, I don’t see an option to list overdue tasks in this perspective.

Would anyone be able to assist me in finding out a way to do this? I am aware of this omnigroup blog post, but it doesn’t seem to explain setting this up in a new perspective (or perhaps I am misreading something–that is most certainly possible!)

Thanks! ^_^

Use ‘Availability: Available’. Then, deferred tasks will only appear once the date has been reached (and blocked tasks won’t appear either).

‘Due Soon’ includes overdue tasks.

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That works perfectly. Thank you so much for the help!

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