Custom perspective issue

I have just gone back to using Omnifocus on the iphone/ipad. On the ipad I have a custom perspective (called Today) showing all tasks which are past their due date, any that are due today and in the next seven days followed by all undated tasks (all sorted by due date). This perspective, on the ipad, never seems to match up with Forecast perspective and it is almost as if the Today perspective is a day out e.g. forecast perspective shows task due today but this is shown as due tomorrow on the custom perspective.

The custom perspective seems to work correctly on the latest iphone version.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a bug or just human error?


Is it possible this is due to the ‘due today’ setting within perspectives being in fact a ‘due within the next 24 hours’.

So whilst your forecast shows things which end at midnight, your today perspective would would have tasks grouped that may ‘spill over’ the midnight mark.

Just my thoughts.

i have the same issue.
I noticed sometimes that the prespective is not correctly ‘refreshed’. Today i viewed my so-called focuslist and it has several actions due today and tomorrow, while thr grouping just said ’ due this week’
After closing the OF app and restarting, the perspective was correct again, showing ’ due today’, ‘due tomorrow’, etc.
It seems the background refreshing does not always work correctly


Today i had the issue again on OF on my iPhone.
In my focuslist perspective it showed ‘due tomorrow’ while the tasks were clearly due today.
I closed the app, opened it again and now it shows correctly ‘due today’.
I will make a report to Omni support to submit it
as a bug.



Thank you. I didn’t want to do that in case it was something I was doing wrong ;-)

I’ll add my weight to your bug report if that would help


Hi cdte92,

This is the reply i got from Omni support :

Hi Bas, thanks for contacting us!

What you describe is a known bug in OmniFocus, which we’re currently looking into. I’ve added your report to that open bug ticket in our development database to aid with our investigation. Thanks for passing this along! In some but not all cases the date headers do not update after midnight, so in the meantime you may need to quit and relaunch OmniFocus to get those headers to refresh.

Thank you for helping us make our products better. We really appreciate your support!

best regards,