Custom Perspective View -- Help Duplicating "All Remaining Actions"

I’d like a custom perspective that looks like what it looks like when you go into a project or folder and click "“All Remaining Actions.” I can get almost there, but it’s still just ever so much off.

Specifically, I have a custom perspective that focuses on a folder. When I select “Use Project Hierarchy,” I am presented with a list of projects in the folder and I have to click through to each project to see the action items in each project (there is no “All Remaining Actions” like there is if I navigate to that folder from the Projects perspective. When, alternatively, I select “Don’t Use Project Hierarchy,” I am presented almost exactly what I want but, instead of seeing the context below the name of the action item, I instead see the Project listed (which, I’ll note, is already shown to me above the action items in the headers). Is there any way for the "Don’t Use Project Hierarchy view to show the context instead of showing the name of the project twice?

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In a similar vein, with have already emailed a request for the folder hierarchy to not be shown when the grouping is set to Ungrouped.