Custom Perspective View Options not settable?

I was sure I had this working correctly at some point but now I can’t figure out how to fix it back.

I have a custom perspective that has the various columns and info I wnat in it. It is working properly except that when I initially created it It was showing all project with view expand all set. Now someohe it’s reverted to showing all projects collapsed. I can’t figure out hwo to set the view options within the perspective window. I can change it but can’t seem to get the change to stick.

What am I missing?

Or even better, can the various view options of expanding items and notes be included in defining perspectives?

I think you can expand all, then click Save from the view (eye of Sauron) popover, and that view setting will be honoured in future.


um, ok I give up, where is that? Not on the Mac version as far as I can see. I’ve been bumbling along without it but really need to get this fixed again.

By default, the view icon isn’t in the toolbar, but you can add it, and it looks like this:


When you click it, the popover has a Save button. So if you expand all and then click that save, I think that view get honoured in future.