Custom Perspectives and deferred dates


I’m currently restructuring my GTD system in OF. I’m now looking to move to the following setup:

Due date - items that must be completed today
Flagged - tasks marked for completion today that don’t have today as a due or defer date.
Defer date - future start date for tasks

I would like to build a custom perspective that not only shows all tasks due or deferred until today and flagged tasks; in addition, if I have an ongoing task that was scheduled to start yesterday, is there anyway that this could be displayed in the same custom perspective? At the moment, I can get tasks scheduled with today’s deferred date to display, but not when the current date falls in between the tasks deferred date and it’s final due date.


I gave that up and accepted to have two perspectives: the built-in Forecast perspective for due items and another one for deferred items. It works well for me. I have even realized that I prefer to have those tasks separated and start viewing only those tasks that I have to complete today.

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Jan_H: You can add deferred tasks to your forecast perspective in the app settings (on mac) or in the view options (iOS) of the focus perspective. I just learned that this morning.

Phillipd: The due and flagged piece is simple. In your custom perspective select “due or flagged” on the filter status.

Yes, I could, but it is unfortunately very dangerous, as deferred tasks disappear from the view the day after the defer date. It’s not a problem for me any longer, though. I have found it convenient to have a separate perspective for deferred tasks. Then I could more easily be rigid with the tasks in the Forecast perspective, and make sure I really finish those in time.

It’s hard to understand, though. What’s so special about the defer date day? I could be away, sick, busy or off for the weekend. If I have chosen to see the tasks on the day I have deferred them to, I would probably like to see them the next day too.

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