Custom perspectives disappeared on Mac after updating to iOS 3

Hi, I have the last updated version of OF for MacOs, 2.12,2 and pro version. After updating the iOS version to 3, and after updating the perspectives there, all the custom Perspectives disappeared from my Mac versione, both in the Perspectives menu and ion the sidebar. Nothing more, zero, I have only the default perspectives. What happened?

Hi Stefano! The “upgraded” perspectives available in OmniFocus 3 can’t be processed by OmniFocus 2 — they offer a lot of flexibility and configuration options that the Mac version of OmniFocus doesn’t quite know how to process. You can downgrade your perspectives to make them available in OmniFocus 2. (Some folks have even chosen to duplicate their perspectives: one copy is compatible with OF2, while another upgraded copy offers more power in OF3.)

Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for using OmniFocus!

So when can we expect this Blockbuster feature of Omnifocus to be available across all of our devices? What used to be a tightly synchronous and consistent experience with Omnigroup applications is beginning to feel like Microsoft office where you frequently run into inconsistencies when switching platforms and have to scour online troubleshooting forums to find half-assed workarounds.

OmniFocus 3 for Mac will be released later this year with beta builds expected ‘this summer’.

I have just set up a custom Perspective on the iOS version of OF3. Then I open my copy on my laptop or desktop and it sometimes shows up… then if I click any other perspective… it vansishes! over and over and over… Should I just make the custom perspective on my mac first? I am using pro versions of both OmniFocus versions on the latest updates to iOS and the latest Mac OS Mojave.

Please fix this bug or tell me a work around.
Is there a “known issues” or "known bugs’ page available?

@filmmakerfitz I think what you may be seeing is how the Mac treats perspectives that aren’t “favorites.” Some OmniFocus power users will have dozens of perspectives, so rather than have a huge sidebar, the Mac will hide inactive perspectives.

You can “pin” your perspective to the sidebar on the Mac by opening the Perspectives window, then clicking the star icon next to your new perspective. After it’s a favorite, it should always appear in the Mac sidebar. Hope that helps!

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