Custom perspectives do not set window's global Focus [by design]

I am using 2.0.3 (v87.15 r219260). An earlier topic suggested this problem was fixed, but it does not seem to be.

I have created five custom perspectives, each with a with a focus on a top level folder. If I select any of the five perspectives, the correct folder with subordinate folders and tasks will be shown. However, the focus on that folder is not set, so If I then select the forecast perspective, the forecast will include tasks from all folders, rather than just the tasks from the focus specified in the customer perspective.

If I manually set focus on a folder, then selection of the project, context, forecast and flagged perspectives will show only tasks included within the folder and its subordinate folders and projects. I expected OF2 custom perspectives to work like this.

OF 1 retained the focus specified in the custom perspective, so selecting the calendar would show only items in the focused folder.

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The behavior you describe is by design: in OmniFocus 2, perspectives are intended to be completely independent: none of the settings of one perspective should affect the settings of any other perspective. Setting a window’s focus, however, will affect every perspective in that window.

We’ve tried to make it very easy to set the window’s focus (just click on something and use the keyboard shortcut), but you can also automate that process using AppleScript (if, for example, you’d like to add some toolbar items that focus your window on certain things).

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I an very disappointed that you took a feature I used every day in OmniFocus 1 and made it not work in OmniFocus 2.

I used to do something very similar to what you did in OF1, I think, and I handle it a couple different ways in OF2:

  • If I want to look for future events in forecast for the projects in my perspective focus or to review just the projects in that focus, I select all, hit the focus button, and then switch over to the forecast or review.
  • If I want to have a couple different perspectives of the same focused projects (such as, for me, having actions grouped by project and grouped by context, or just the first available, etc.) I make one with all of the focused projects and then use duplicate from the edit menu to make a new one with the same focused group. You might want to make a general one and then a duplicate that groups according to due, for example; then you can just switch between them.

Just an idea!

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Thanks! Focus was not something I used heavily in OF1, so I haven’t used it much in OF2 either, but I have been wishing to find a way to see a Forecast view of only my personal or only my work items. I didn’t realize that this was the answer.