Custom Perspectives in Toolbars on OF3

I just started testing OF3 beta on Mac. I always had a few customer perspectives in my tool bar. However, these didn’t automatically appear when I started syncing with the sync server.

Is this normal behavior or a bug? I could have sworn that everytime else I synced, it automatically pulled over my customer perspectives.

If not, How do I drag those customer perspectives to the new toolbar in OF3 beta?

Currently you cannot add custom perspectives to the toolbar. If you would like to see it return I suggest emailing Omni through the Help > Contact Omni menu item to let them know you want it and perhaps how you use it vs the sidebar :)

So are you implying that I can add the customer perspective via the side bar?

Nevermind! Found it!


For anyone else looking for the sidebar, in the Show Perspectives pop up you can star perspectives and this will show them on the left side of your OF window :)

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it’s really unfortunate you can’t add (custom0 perspectives to the toolbar just now; This makes it a but harder to navigate

I’ve got something cooking. I think I have managed a way to do it with another third party app. I’m writing up an article today and will have it posted soon… more to follow.

I have emailed Omni to request this be re-instated

The more people who email about it - increases the chances that we may see this feature return

Make sure you email them :)

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Loosing this capability would be a huge step backward in my opinion as the sidebar is harder to read and choose from. I really hope it’s just a temporary state that this functionality is not in OF3

I overcame this missing feature set by using Keyboard Maestro palettes. I was able to group perspectives into different palettes. I don’t miss the Top Toolbar as much now.


I just installed the latest OF 3 Beta and it’s possible again to add your perspectives to the toolbar.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you OmniGroup for listening!!

Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to the official OF 3 release date.


This is not very user-friendly at first. I think if you add a new one it should automatically be starred. The only intuitive way to know that you will need to star them is if you ever tried to un-star them. Ive been using OmniFocus for almost a decade and this stumped me for about an hour… a bit annoying that it wasn’t in a tutorial… especially since its one of the newest features.

Anyways, it obviously works great now. But I paid $70 to upgrade both copies. Hoping some of that goes into tutorials especially since so many programs are far and away cheaper.

The online manual for OmniFocus 3 is available here:

The particular page for “starring” a perspective is here:

The tutorials are also available in the app itself. Go to menu Help > OmniFocus Help.

To customize the toolbar, the documentation manual is here.

Go to the menu bar and choose View > Customize Toolbar…

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