Custom Tabindex / Inspect Panel Reorder

Often I’ll ⌘+N to create a new Action then tab through to the Notes field to paste a link or jot some quick context.

The ability to tab through the meta input fields is great, however it takes thirteen tabs to get all the way down there.


A couple workarounds I've dabbled (or rather, tabbled ) with:

{Perspective} > View > Layout > Custom Columns – Unselect all options
This gets me from inputting the Action title to the active notes field a 9 tabs.

Combining the above with:
Collapsing all perspective meta boxes except notes will get to the notes field in 1 tab 🤘🏼

The downside to this is if I collapse all tabs in my Inbox perspective View panel, it’ll apply to all other perspectives. I’d really enjoy changing the order of the metaboxes, especially if it were a perspective-level setting!


1. Would anyone else benefit from being able to set a custom Tabindex?
2. Better yet, how about the ability to reorganize a task's meta boxes within the inspect panel?


I just hit the command-’ keystroke to go into the inline note field. Press Command-’ to return back to the task title field.

That is the single quote ( ’ )

OF3 for iOS allows us to re-arrange the order of fields in the inspector. You’ll be granted your wish. OF3 for Mac coming sometimes in September so it’s just around the corner. You might get a head start if you sign up for the TestFlight if you haven’t already.