Customer Lead & Follow up on existing customers

Very new at OF and us it for our business (Retail & Manufacturing). How are other users of OF using it to Create a lead generation and also stay in touch with existing clients.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions

While it can be done using combinations of defer dates (hide stuff that isn’t due), repeat settings (repeat xx days after completion)

If every client follows an identical conversion and implementation process then templates and curt clifton’s template script (on the desktop version of OF) might work well.

I suspect that there are better tools available for this purpose than OF, particulally if more than one person needs to access the data.

Highrise is a cloud CRM that many startups (and larger businesses) use which is aimed at basic sales processes and has the benefit of teams being able to see the data. Trello is another possible solution but there are many out there.

Where OF does work for me (I am not in sales) is to capture ‘follow up with fred about xxxx before xxxxxx’ which would go into my ‘comms’ context with a defer date that hides it until a few days before it is due. (I seldom use due dates which is why the before xxxx is in the task title.

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