Customization of handles for lines in OO

Anyone have a tip on how to set up OO so that rows with no text on them automatically do not show row handles?


I’m not aware of a way to do this automatically, however row handle visibility is a Pro feature, so it is possible to hide the row handles manually on specified rows using the professional edition of OmniOutliner 4. To do that, select the row(s) and use the Style inspector to change the Handle setting to ‘Never show the row handle’.

In case it helps, this section of the online documentation has more info (and screenshots) about using the Style inspector:

Thanks Anne. I am running pro, and just imported many a page over from OneNote to give OO another look. I had a lot of blank rows transfer over where data was spaced out in OneNote to be more visually appealing. I was hoping there was an outline wide setting to leave handles off of blank lines instead of doing it manually. Thanks for the tips though!