Customize inspector sidebar omnifocus for mac

Hi, i want to move the “Repeat” section higher up in the inspector so that I wont need to scroll down to see it. Is this possible? How? Thanks.

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It’s not currently possible to reorder the Inspector components on the Mac the way you can on iOS.

Your best option is to collapse any sections of the Inspector that you don’t need to see using the disclosure triangles, bringing the Repeat section closer to the top.


Thank you. Is there any way to keep any of the sections collapsed by default? I never want/need to see the title section but it seems to uncollapse after i open omnifocus again

You’re very welcome!

I don’t think so. It seems that the Inspector reverts back to its default state (i.e. everything expanded) when OmniFocus is relaunched. This would be a good request to make to the Omni Group (via Help > Contact Omni).

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