Customizing Built in Perspectives

I would like to be able to customize the flagged perspective as I did in Omnifocus 1. Although I don’t expect everyone to use that perspective the way I do, I need it to NOT be grouped by context for a workflow I have. l am very frustrated that I can’t customize the built in perspective, and I can’t delete the built in perspective. I have been trying hard to like Omnifocus 2 but it seems that no matter what part of my workflow I am trying to recreate in the new program I am continuously blocked by lack of customizability.

I think it’s fine to PROVIDE some prebuilt perspectives but why on earth do I have to keep them?

Wouldn’t creating a new one exactly as you want and ignoring the built-in do the job for you?

On the Mac, this does not cause me problems, as you can easily ignore/hide a perspective.
But on the iPhone, it actually annoys me, as you can see per this other thread I initiated a few days ago.

In any case, I suggest you write to the Omni staff: menu item Help > Contact Omni, in OmniFocus itself.