Customizing Shortcuts - System Preferences does not work

I tried to customize the shortcut for switching between Sidebar and Outline.

In OF1 it was accomplished by simply doing “Command+4”

In OF2 it accomplished by 2 different shortcuts that involve 3 different buttons: “option+command+1” and “option+command+2”. I found it difficult to use and decided to change those shortcuts.

Following instructions from “Keyboard Commands” document under Omnifocus Help menu, I went to System Preferences and added simpler shortcuts - “Command+ right arrow” and “Command + left arrow”. I quit out of Omnifocus, restarted it, and found that the old shortcuts were not replaced by new ones.

Does anyone else have the similar issue with customizing shortcuts??

You probably can’t use those shortcuts because they’re already used by OmniFocus. Generally, you can assign your own shortcuts if they’re not already claimed by the application, but they are in this case.

Those are the perspective shortcuts- go to Perspectives/show perspectives and edit out the respective keyboard commands you want to use elsewhere and everything should be smooth.