Daily email tasks summary script

I have a question in relation to the scripting capability of OF (on iOS/iPadOS). Would it be possible to write a script which would send a regular (say daily) email containing a list of outstanding tasks (for example).

I think this may be possible with Omni Automation (though I’m less sure it could be sent automatically, without any intervention at all).

That said, perhaps a better/simpler option for iOS/iPadOS would be to consider using a Shortcut that first gets the desired tasks and then sends the email?

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes I was wondering about the iOS/iPasOS shortcut app too. Not sure whether it can do time triggered activities though, I will have to check.

I believe it can be set to run at a specific time - but you might find that sending an email requires manual confirmation; I’m not sure.

I created a dumb ‘send a dummy email every hour’ Shortcut automation and it only seems to ask for permission on the first occasion, which is good :-)

Now I’ll try to get some live information out of OF to actually put in the email body…

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Please keep us updated if you get it to work. Perhaps share the shortcut.

FWIW, OmniAutomation has an Email class.

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