Daily log of completed OmniFocus tasks

I’d like to keep a running log of all the tasks/projects I complete in OmniFocus every day or so. I found these two resources from Joe Buhlig and Colter Reed, but I’m unsure if they’re going to work for what I want and be future-proof with all the new JavaScript-based automation for the Omni apps.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to accomplish what I’m hoping to do? I’m not a coder, but am willing to pay someone to create a custom script/automation for me.


Hi @joshlgibson

I have this Omni Automation script which sounds like it might do what you want. There are some tweaks I’m hoping to make before I eventually get it written up properly, but hopefully the README is helpful enough. Happy to help with any questions you might have, should this prove to do what you need. 😊


Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll give it a go. :-)

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