Daily review projects - setup

I am trying to achieve the following, and just cant get the settings right.

I want to have a project for morning and evening review, that are repeated daily.
Each review project contains items that are sequential.
The morning review project is to be deferred to “show up” at a specific time each day, and once the last action is complete in the review, it is deferred to the same time next day. (Same idea for the evening review.)

I seem to be getting messed up in the deferred and due dates, and do I assign them to the project, the individual tasks, or both.

I am sure that this is an easy one, so if anyone can offer the solution I would be most grateful.


For the defer date/time, I would probably set it on the project. But as for the due times, it depends on what you want. Do you want them all to be due at the same time? Might as well set it on the project. If you want them due independently (for example, if you wanted them spread across an hour or two in the morning/evening), you could set times for each action.

For me, I would probably just set the project due time for the sake of simplicity, due for the latest time that I’d like to have the review tasks completed.

hi, I have similar process for a daily and weekly reiew. Two things I set up:

  1. I ended up having single action project with two seq. groups of actions for each d/w review - set to repeat after last action is complete – originally I had individual projects, but that resulted in my list of completed projects flooded with those daily reviews and made it useless.

  2. I created custom perspectives that open in new window –> this allows me to set defer time to just an hour (so I don’t need to complete projects that repeat daily in certain time in case I skip my daily review. the other roption was to set a defer time since completition, but the trouble was if I finished my morning review later in the day, it would pop up after lets say 24 hours, which would be way too late the day after)

Hope it makes sense;)

a screenshot


That works perfectly, and I understood. :)


Hello Iljich!

I can to see with your review daily that you do a workflow like same me. Can you explain perspectives that you use? I mean, can you write me your workflow please? :)

Thank you!!!