Daily Tasks in action group

Hello everybody,

In my setup of OF2 I have a few conditional daily tasks that I want to show up every day but not do every day.

Now I’m a little stuck with the correct setup. If I set up all tasks and the action group to defer 1 day and tick off the action group all tasks get duplicated. If I don’t set the action group to defer it won’t show up the next day.

Is there any workaround for that?

4/5 days I need to prepare customer invoices. That task includes a few steps such as:

  • check invoice
  • send it to customer
  • set up a follow up reminder

If I don’t need to send an invoice I’d like to be able to just tick off the action group. If I need to send some out I’d like to tick off the actions one by one.

In these kinds of situations, I usually set up just the action group to defer out one day. When it repeats, an action group will duplicate all of its contained actions, so you’ll still have a complete set of daily tasks for the next time you do them. However, since each task isn’t set to repeat, they won’t duplicate themselves as well – you’ll only have a single copy of each contained task in the repeated group.

For example, you might use this kind of setup:

Note how the action group is set to repeat, but all the contained actions are just plain actions. Hope that helps!

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thanks for your reply. With this workaround I just need to be reminded to never complete the last task in the group or it wont work. Unfortunately…
Would be great if there would be a fix so you could either check the action group or the tasks within.