Dark Mode setting

Its listed in features table, for both iOS and OSX, but I cannot seem to locate any mention of it in either app settings.

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OmniOutliner uses the document theme instead of a setting. If you open a document with a dark mode background or apply a dark mode theme to an existing document you should see the UI switch to dark.

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Why Oh Why this half-assed implementation!? How I prevent it from switching to dark mode if light ui is my preference regardless of document colouring? Why I can’t use dark mode if my theme is light?
This kind of overwalking user preferences is frustrating. Why see the trouble of implementing (and advertising) dark mode and then disabling it this way ?

From documentation: > Then click the background color picker in the Paragraph Inspector, and drag the color value slider to the right. At a certain point (as determined by the darkness of the color value), the OmniOutliner window will switch from light to dark.

This is one of the most vague, stupidest thing I have seen in software ui ! At some point…right. Sigh. Nevermind, the dark mode is ugly and distracting as it is (dark mode is not same as inverse). Now my question is: How I can disable the dark mode ???