Database Corruption?

For the past several weeks, OmniFocus2 on the Mac seems to be generally inconsistent in ways it used to be absolutely solid. The most common problem is clicking on a custom perspective and then having the tasks show in ways that the filter shouldn’t allow (or it will show less than the filter allows). So I do a database rebuild, try again, and then the Perspective works fine. I never had to rebuild the database so often – lately it’s been 2 or 3 times a week. Any suggestions? Should I export to a flat file, check for weirdness in a spreadsheet, then re-import a clean set of data points? Currently using OmniFocus 2.8.2 (v113.2.9 r277846).

Is this happening with every custom perspective or just with a specific one?

I would say several. Not all, but more than one.

That’s interesting… I am not sure why it would happen only sometimes…