Database Dropbox Sync? [A: causes database corruption. Use Omni Sync Server.]

in Omnifocus 1 I’ve set in the preferences to use the database I stored in Dropbox (Sync/Disc), but I don’t see the Sync/Disc option in the preferences of Omnifocus 2…

Anyone may tell me if there is a way to use Dropbox?


  • Marco.

Dropbox is not recommended as a syncing solution for OmniFocus. Dropbox doesn’t understand file wrappers (which OmniFocus uses for its file format). Honestly, I’m amazed you haven’t already run into data mangling using Dropbox with OmniFocus 1.

There are a number of other options for syncing your data, depending on your priorities. Please explain why you were hoping to use Dropbox, so I can offer the most relevant alternatives.


Thanks for the reply. I just want to use the same Omnifocus dabatase on two different computers.

  • Marco.

Omni Sync Server is probably the simplest way to do that. You can sign up for a free account here:

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Dropbox shouldn’t be used for files that has multiple users simultaneously editing a file. You could be adding a task on one computer. Then Dropbox will have to upload that file up to the cloud. Then your other computer will have to download the changes. But if two instances of OmniFocus are editing the same database simultaneously, it can get confusing as to which edit (the most recent edit) is the correct version to save. I wouldn’t do this for massive data files like my iPhoto library, Aperture library, iTunes, or OmniFocus.

The only way to make sure data corruption doesn’t occur is to make sure only one instance of OmniFocus is running to prevent another instance of OmniFocus from mangling any new changes.

Dropbox and iCloud was never meant for simultaneous user editing.

That’s why a lot of companies are rolling their own cloud solution - Dropbox and iCloud doesn’t have the capability of handling multi-user access privileges.


Thanks lizard!

Thanks wilsonng,
however I do not access to the database simultaneously, I have the typical situation of two computer, one at home and the other one in my office.