Date and time in Templates.scpt by C Suave

I recreate a topic as the first one is solved:

Here is my Template:

I try to use relatives dates without luck, when I use the variable “$dateRDV” it uses it as a time: If I uses “23 mai” as input, it create the action due for today @ 23h
I only manage to make it barely work by using this kind of input: “23/05”
However if I use a FUTUR date, nothing happens (no new project) except creating a crashed process “osascript” eating 100% of my CPU.

My goal is to use “$dateRDV” as an appointment time that can be in the past or future and have due dates for every next action related to this variable, with a time set @ 10:30.

For exemple: $dateRDV = 23/05
I want the due date for my next action be the 25/05 @ 10:30.

I tried to add the time next to each due and start as here:

But for the 3 last actions, it returns me error “invalid date format” when I added the “10:30am”, however it works with the first action… What do I do wrong???

Thanks and sorry for my English ;)

Edit: I deleted my post into the old post.