Date parsing issues

Whilst I’m loving v3, I’ve got some minor niggles with date parsing (which have carried over from v2).

Writing the time before the date fails to parse properly (at least for my UK “DD/MM/YY” dates):

“2p mon” or “9:00 mon” both ignore the time and use the default defer/due time
“4p 1/4” (ie. 4p on 1st April) gives the wrong date: “01/10/2004, 08:00” (08:00 is the default defer time)
“10a 1/11” (ie. 10:00 on 1st November) is very wrong “11/09/1, 08:00” - which appears to be 1AD rather than 2001! (I also get mixed results - “01/10/2011, 08:00” is an alternative)

“mon 3p” works as expected
“1/4 4p” works as expected

Could strings prefixed with a time work properly?

Could partial dates (DD/MM in the UK; presumably MM/DD in the US) assume a future date within the next year?

Would one of the lovely @SupportHumans mind raising this as a bug fix request?


PS I’ve started a new post rather than append to this similar 4 year old one - Dates parsing issue - as that problem was fixed

I have been having some similar issues - described here

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