Date update in the Forecast

Hi there,

I am a big fan of this this app and for that I always keep it opened on my main iMac at work.
But I found out that in Forecast when I come the next morning it doesn’t refresh or update the date and in specific
the Today label will remain on top of the yesterday date, until I close that app and re-open it.

Thank you Guys,
Keep up the good work.
Rabih Fawaz

May I suggest you to contact Omni’s @SupportHumans via email?
This is a users forum. Any support (or feature) requests are only consider by Omni when submitted via email ;-)

It sounds like you’re running into a known issue where sometimes the dates listed for Today and Tomorrow don’t display correctly if OmniFocus was running overnight. Sorry about that!

You’ve found the workaround that we know about (quitting and relaunching OmniFocus). It’s not ideal, but hopefully it’s not too disruptive to your morning workflow.

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