Date Variable in Templates.scpt by C Suave [Resolved]

It appears that either using a date variable to set the defer date of a task is not working in this script or, more likely, I’m not declaring it correctly. For example -

  • I run the script on 4/5
  • I declare $date-1 and enter 5/7 for May 7th when prompted
  • then set the task as start: $date-1 + 7d

I would expect the defer until date to be 5/14 and it is set as 4/12 instead (today’s date + 7d).

Any ideas/advice?

TIA - Rick

Not sure exactly what cured it, as I pulled down a couple of updated builds today along with grabbing the latest script from github, but the problem appears to be resolved.

How did you actually execute the templates script in OF2? I have copied it to the new scripts folder, however, cannot find where to execute it. In OF1 there was an icon next to the list of my perspective icons.


In the menu bar, choose View / Customize Toolbar… Find the icon for Script: Templates and drag it to your toolbar. Hope this helps.

Thanks that worked perfectly. Interestingly enough I did look for templates as that is what was there in OF 1, however, didn’t pick up on ‘Scripts’. Appreciate the reply.

You’re welcome. I missed it the first time through also.