Dated Tasks show under 1 date in Forecast view


So I have a project (To Read) that has 600 or so tasks in it. I want to schedule my reading and have set up various dates. When I go into Forecast view though, it shows all of these due yesturday instead of the dates that are in the tasks itself. Already have the latest version of OmniFocus. Would appreciate any and all help.

It sounds to me @jrdavis5 some naughty person has put a due date on the project header! This will make 600 bright red little circles appear all at the same time.
Delete the due date in the project and leave blank as the tasks themselves have due dates. Iā€™d also suggest making the project sequential which will filter out the remaining tasks in any perspective you prefer to use.
Other projects benefit from project dates but not this one.

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Not quite but I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

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