Dates on Sequential Actions

How are you handling start dates on items in a sequential list that are not the first on the list? Do you set a start date for each item? Or do you set a start date and estimated time only on the first item in the list and the subsequent dates are derived?

I only set start days if I really can’t start working on the task before a certain date. In a sequential project, this means that a task can be blocked because of two reasons: it can be pending the completion of a previous task or pending the defer date. Only when both requirements are fulfilled (all preceding tasks have been completed and the defer date has arrived) the task becomes available.

A bit confused. What makes the actions in a sequential project sequential? Are subsequent tasks triggered automatically upon completion of the preceding task? How exactly is a project sequential?

Should I just set the start date only on the first item? ( assuming I didn’t want to defer any of the subsequent actions like in your example above?). Do i need to set the completion dates on subsequent items too ? just so it might show up as past due if I don’t complete on time?

Questions from a newbie so please bear with me!

I only set start dates on the project or the next action, never further down. I think if you want do each action you want to use a parallel project. The definition of a sequential project is that only the next action is available to be worked on, the rest are dependent on that being completed before the following action becomes available. With a parallel project they are all available, and you could in theory use start dates to make them unavailable.