Dear OmniGroup, I don’t like the Estimated Time option

Dear Omni,

As you know, the Estimated Time option remains useless since the OF Team removed the real purpose of it in OF2. However, there are many people who are in need of that feature, to be able to Sort, Group, and most importantly, to see the estimated time in the column like it was before.

The only benefit I would see as of now, is syncing to iCal/BusyCal by the Subscription option, BUT, only if the real time from the Estimated Time field would reflect on the tasks in iCal. Not like below:

Since the feature is useless, and since it has not been given any priority so far, why won’t you remove it completely to stop out desolation?

A loyal (so far) user of OF and other Omni products.


Just to add:

The ability to see for a given day (or a given project or a given perspective) how much time in estimated tasks would be huge! Is anything like this in the cards?

Not sure what I am missing. Estimated time, although not a “column” for entry in the task (like project, context, defer and due date) is still metadata editable in the inspector pane. Perspectives allow filtering by duration.

I understand that the lack of duration visibility in the task line might be less desirable, but the function is far from neutered. I have a “quick wins” perspective that filters actions I can complete in 5 minutes at my work contexts if I want to chain actions together because I am getting sick, having a tough day at work, etc. More info here although I know I found the idea from somewhere else.

This is the only workflow possible, to use the estimated time.

Besides that, what else can you do it? Clicking each task and checking manually how long tasks are. Creating many perspectives to try to manage it. Or reassigning the duration one by one, instead of killing that Tab button.

Also, the issue here is that all the subtasks should be summed in the project. Your perspectives are not able to determine that.

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