Default Due Date in Inbox

I want to have all of the new tasks I enter in Inbox have a default due date of today. Can this be done? If not can I select several tasks and then enter all of their due dates as today?

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When using Quick Entry or typing directly into the Inbox, tab over the fields and enter “tod” or “today” in the due date field and it will use the default due time set in OmniFocus preferences.

On the Mac, Command-A selects all the tasks in the current view. Then type “tod” or “today” in the Inspector in the right.

What if you are using the email forwarding service to create new tasks in the Inbox? Can you have a default date sent on those?

Out of curiosity, why do you want default due dates? In my experience, due dates should be used sparingly for tasks for which you will suffer terrible consequences (slight hyperbole) if you don’t get the task done by the due date. Otherwise you may end up with a whole bunch of “overdue” tasks that aren’t really overdue. Could tags or flags serve you better?

Default due date as in when I click on “due date” the date on the popup calendar is the current date. The time is consistent, but the date is usually a month or more in the future. So then I have to navigate back to the current date, select the time, and then the reminder is set correctly.

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