Default Duration for new tasks?

Is there any way to give all new tasks a default duration in order to speed up new task input?

I’m combining OF with Tyme app (see this thread)
For the applescript to work, any task has to have a duration, so I’m now giving each new task a duration of 1 minute - a slow and cludgy process…


There’s currently no way to specify a default duration for all new tasks, sorry! We’ve had a small handful of folks request this though, so I’ve added your comments to that open feature request in our development database. We appreciate you letting us know this addition would benefit your use!

If it helps, instead of adding the desired estimated time to each task individually, you can batch-add that value to a selection of tasks. First use the Shift key to highlight all your new tasks, then type “1 minute” (or 1 min or 1m) into the Inspector field. Hopefully this speeds up that process!