Default new Projects and Action Groups settings

Why is it possible to set a Project as ‘Single Action’ once you have created it, but I cannot set ‘Single Action’ as the default New Projects and Action Groups setting in Preferences > Organization?

I use Single Action projects a lot (probably the majority) and would like the ability to set them as the default.

And if you decide to allow this, you might consider simply reusing the exact same drop-down menu from the Inspector sidebar in the Preference pane above (instead of radio buttons), since the consistent use of the icons in the drop-down menu would probably help users recognize and correlate what it means.

(Thanks, and overall its looking awesome!)

You are right, that would be a nice setting for some. Meanwhile, you can use System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts to assign a Hotkey to the Menu Item like that:

Maybe that makes it a little bit more convenient for now. ;)

Yes, also confused by this. Very annoying to create a project when creating tasks, but then having to go and edit the project to change it to single actions.

i don’t understand the hot key solution though.

+1 please add the preference to create new projects as Single Actions by default.

This thread is seven years old. I am quite certain that we got this function in OF3, but i can’t find it. :(
Please help!

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