Default Next Action perspective missing available actions

I have just been creating some new actions. However, they are not showing up in my default Next Action perspective and I don’t understand why.

I’m guessing it’s something simple but I’m stumped. Any suggestions?



“Update rig plan” would seem to be the only thing that would appear (because of ‘first available’). Is that not happening?

Ahhh damnit, yup it was something simple and your comment Lucas made me recheck. I have one other item that is available, up a couple of screens worth, all by itself.

I missed it because I find that the difference between the greyed out tasks and the black available tasks isn’t as great as it first seems. Thus I skipped it the half dozen times I was looking into this.

This also helps answer another question of mine (Two birds Lucas), found here: Folders vs Nested tasks
Rather than nesting all of these tasks, I should be using folders where different grouped projects need Next Actions to appear simultaneously.

So my stupid question has yielded good results for me.



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