Defer and drop actions usage

I’m new to OmniFocus and would like to know what is the meaning of defer and drop actions.

The defer date changes when something is ‘available’. This is one of the view modes that changes what you see. Defer it into the future and the task is not available, so is hidden in that view mode. It’s a good way of hiding things you aren’t ready to do just yet. Compare with ‘remaining’ view which shows all the tasks left to do.

Dropped is a little like deleting a task, as it hides it, but it doesn’t actually delete it from your database. You could recover and change it back to active if you wanted. It’s up to you if you drop or delete things. It might be especially useful if you create a big, complex project, and then someone cancels it on you. Dropping it will put it out of sight, but you haven’t totally deleted it in case they change their mind.

I think it’s crucial to understand how the app handles the different view modes and status types. You may want to review the help screen, or just ask more questions here.

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