Defer and Due dates being reset to year 2000

Today I noticed that when I set a defer or due date the year is being reset from 2019 to 2000. This happens whether I type in a date or select it from the date picker.

Any ideas?

I’m very sorry for the trouble! My advice would be to contact our support humans at, so we can investigate in depth.

Your date formatting preferences in System Preferences can affect how dates are interpreted, but it’s hard to know if that’s the issue without digging into details.

Thanks for the reply Ken, which has identified the problem. 😀

I use OmniPlan and had set the system Short Date format to just day and month (12Nov) so I could get the dates to fit on a Gantt view. Resetting the Short Date format back to the default and OF dates are working again.

I had emailed support earlier today when I noticed the “problem” was messing up Due and Defer dates for existing actions as well. I will let them know you have identified the problem. Though I still think it worthwhile fixing/improving how OF handles dates when a custom date format is set.

Thanks again.

In OmniPlan’s Display Preferences, you can adjust the date format it uses without affecting your whole system.

Hope this helps!

Definitely. Thanks for following up with those details!

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