Defer date and perspective

Good morning!

Omnifocus is growing more and more, and to get a better grip on handling a lot of items beside setting a due date for every single item I started with reviews (great) and defer dates. I created a perspective, and on Mac and iPad everything is fine.

On Mac all items without defer date are at the bottom of the window, on iPad they are above the list, but I can hide items without defer date, so there is only a single line an a small triangle to unfold all itmes.
That is ok, but on iPhone all items without defer date are at the top of the list and I found no way to hide them or sort the other direction.

Thnaks for help


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i have the same problem. here is my perspective on the mac

it works perfect for me because it also shows up tasks from past days i didn’t finish… (the forecast mode doesn’t show past ones, expect one with due dates)
the problem on my iphone is that the same perspective starts with all the task that have no defer date… so i always have to scroll down … that’s really annoying and the reason i hardly use the iphone app…

am i doing anything wrong or missing anything?
does anyone have a tipp?

thx a lot!

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I have the exact same issue.