Defer Times and Other Operational Tips

Hi all,

One of the things I find myself most interested in is how people operationally use OF, the real tangible expression of all the configuration or features.

For example, for me, in talking defer dates, I have also recently started using defer times to clarify my day.

For example, today, I have 7 due or flagged things that I want to accomplish. I have a light meeting schedule this morning, and a more packed one this afternoon, where some of my afternoon meetings relate to the kids of tasks that 4 of my things today are.

As such, to clarify my day so that I’m not staring at a list of 7 things, I have deferred 4 until 2pm, so that I am kept more focused on the 3 things I would like to do first/this morning.

At the heart of this for me has been embracing the idea that metadata doesn’t have to be set once and never changed - I can flex/update it as needed. Another example of this is how I have found that changing projects between parallel and sequential (or vice versa or back and forth), depending on what is going on, helps me focus on the right tasks while hiding ones I don’t need to see.

What tricks do you guys employ as you go through your workdays? Interested to learn!


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I normally don’t defer start and due times unless it is not available. For example I need to send a report to “Jim” but the data for the report isn’t available until 2 pm each Friday.

However, I like the idea of deferring items I know I won’t get to until later in the day. I can also defer my low energy, priority tasks until later in the day.

It wouldn’t be so overwhelming when I look at my daily agenda in the morning.

Thanks for the idea!