Defer 'waiting for' tasks?

Is there any way to make a task disappear from a typical ‘waiting for’ perspective for a while? For example, I’m waiting for something I know it won’t happen until the next week and I don’t want the item to clutter the view. Deferring does not work here since it simply assigns the ‘remaining’ availability to the task and that’s exactly the filtering method used in the perspective.
Any ideas how to solve it?

I seem to recall a chapter from Kourosh Dini’s Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 that does something similar that might help. I don’t have the book installed on my iPad right now.

But I think you can create a context called “Deferred” or something like that. Then you create a context perspective that you will use as your “Waiting for” stuff. Highlight all of the necessary contexts except for the “Deferred” context. In the perspectives editor, the bottom part of the window will have a Sidebar selection. Click on “Add current sidebar selection”. This might work for you here.

I thought about something similar but having to update contexts manually will not work for me in the long run, especially that I use many ‘waiting for’ contexts that keep track of distinct people.

The best workaround I’ve found so far is grouping by deferring dates and focusing on ‘Available now’. It’s a bit counterintuitive though that this group is placed in the bottom instead of the top. I really wonder why it was designed this way.