Deferred actions in perspective

I’m setting up custom perspectives and I see that I have options for things like due soon, flagged, available and has a defer date, but how can I choose to view actions that have a criterion like: has a defer date: in the past?

Hi @material-appearance! While there isn’t a filter available for that kind of date comparison, you might consider that items with a defer date in the past are (probably) available, so you might add a status filter in conjunction with your defer date filter and see how far that gets you.

If you still find a need for a specific “defer date in the past” filter, we’d love to hear why! Let us know by writing in to support. Thanks for using OmniFocus!

Thank you! I give every available action a status tag. The status tag hierarchy looks like this:

  • Status
    • Forecast
    • Recurring
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Annual
    • Waiting
      • Morning
      • Evening
      • Weekend
      • Next work week
    • Some day / maybe

Waiting, and its four sub-tags, as well as some day / maybe, are all marked with “on hold,” in order to keep those actions out of my forecast perspective (and for consistency, so I can easily make sure that every action has a status). But I also use defer dates to have actions returned to my forecast perspective when I want them there. In this case, when something’s defer period has ended and it should be available, its tag’s “on hold” overrides that and keeps it out of my perspective when I actually need to see it.

I want to defer a lot of things to the weekend, so they don’t bother me during the current work week, and a lot of other things to the next work week, so they don’t bother me during the weekend. And when personal things come up during work, I want to defer them very quickly to the evening, and when work things come up in the evening, I want to defer them very quickly to the morning.

How should I be doing this? I find the defer workflow to be far to cumbersome for constant use, but is the best option for me to remove “on hold” from my “waiting” status tags and just manually defer everything?

It would be great, by the way, if the time periods in the defer thing were configurable and relative, so I could just always give myself the option to defer until this evening, tomorrow morning, next Friday evening and next Monday morning. How do other people do this?

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