Deferred Dates: Forecast and Overdue Tasks

Is there a way to prevent deferred tasks from showing up as past due? If I defer something, it’s not something that has to be done anymore until the new date, right? Am I using the defer feature incorrectly?


Current versions of OmniFocus will always show an overdue task as overdue, regardless of its defer date. The idea is that a task past its due date needs to be done ASAP – the due date is considered more important than the defer date in these cases.

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My understanding is that defer allows us to retain the original due date and put a new date we have it postponed. What I don’t understand is why clutter my other due dates (perspective) with something I don’t plan on working on until a later date?

Why does it make sense to have the due date more important than the postponed date? I’m not working on it until later anyways.


Defer dates determine when an item becomes available and due dates can be used to specify when an item is due.

For example, if you have an action “Return book to library” and the book is due back on September 20, you could set a due date of September 20. If you’re not likely to be done reading the book until September 15, then it doesn’t make sense for this action to be showing as available until then. You can use the defer until field to tell OmniFocus to make this action available on September 15.

In your “Due” perspective you could set the “Filter by availability” option to “Available” so that you’re not seeing items that have been deferred to a future date/time.

You can also choose to display deferred items in the Forecast view by clicking the View button in the toolbar and checking “Show Deferred Items”.

I hope this helps…

Defer isn’t working the way I am expecting it to work (used as a new due date and override the due field) so I’ll just keep updating the due date instead.

Thanks for the help